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Property assignment procedure

Apparently the exclusive property assignment seems mandatory for the owner of the property but only good things can be provided when signing an exclusive assignment. If a property is indicated by many real estate agencies and is not sold directly the property always discredited.
Property assignment procedure

If you wish to assign us to sell a property you should know some basic things about the assignment procedure. Before completing the assignment application form, which you can find online here, or in our office is right to know that there are the following types of assignment:

Exclusive assignment
Signing an exclusive assignment defines the "exclusivity" to acquire our company in the property to find a buyer or tenant for an "agreed and specified period." Apparently this type of assignment seems mandatory for the owner of the property, only advantages can provide to the owner of the property.
If a property is indicated by many estate agents and not sold directly, the property is discredited. Each real estate agency has its own sales policy, which sometimes differ among themselves and cancels any distinctive handling charged at this property.
Confidentiality is a key parameter required in most cases to avoid weakening the bargaining power of the owner, which may not apply if the property is in play and other realtors. The exclusivity of the property gives us the possibility of absolute visibility of the property with all means available without conceal important elements of the property eg full description, location, photos etc. finding the buyer better and faster.
Our company in case of an exclusive property assignment offers 10 percent discount on its fees!.

Open property assignment
In the case of an open assignment the owner may assign his property to other real estate offices with no time limit and must pay fees only in the office that will handle the sale.

What documents do I need as a seller?
The documents you need for the property if it is intended for sale are:

  • Contracts of purchase that relate to past transfers
  • Confirmation that the distributive tax has been paid attributable to property transferred, if subject to property tax (Allow Heritage)
  • Confirmation that the property is registered in E9
  • Confirmation that the income of the property has been declared the last 2 years in the income statement (E2), otherwise affidavit that the property does not generate income to the owner
  • If the property is land or plot, a topographic design of the area.
  • Tax awareness
  • Insurance awareness from IKA
  • Statement that the tax is paid in case of parental donation or heritage provider if it has acquired the property with one of these ways
  • Certificate from the local municipality that the Real Estate Tax is paid


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